About Us

"Stroke management is local, stroke research is global"

Stroke is a major medical issue and one of the leading causes of mortality and disability in the world. There are wide variations between European countries in stroke incidence and mortality rates which clearly indicate that stroke is preventable. 
The prospects for stroke prevention continue to advance. Risk factor management, antiplatelet, anticoagulant and surgical therapy reduce the incidence of stroke and reduce the risk of brain damage caused by vascular changes. Current knowledge and perspectives in primary and secondary stroke prevention will be discussed during the Congress with the participation of eminent world specialists in this field.
In October 1996 on the initiative of Professor Zoltan Nagy from Budapest, opinion leaders from the region met and established the Central and Eastern European Stroke Society (CEESS), a non-profit international organization.
CEESS was founded on the idea of mutual cooperation in the region and the exchange of good practices that successfuly continues today.

The founders were: 

Zoltan Nagy from Budapest,
Vida Demarin from Croatia,
Pavel Kalvach from the Czech Republic,
Jovan Strikovity from Yugoslavia,
Juris Friesbergs from Latvia,
Daiva Rastenyte from Lithuania,
Anna Czlonkowska from Poland,
Pavel Traubner from Slovakia,
Anton Mesec from Slovenia and
Anton A. Buleca from Ukraine